Transform your business with added clarity, structure, and momentum.


Increase motivation and momentum with your dream team.

Discover and develop the “how” to your “what” and “why”.

Team up with me to launch your products and programs.


Whether you are onboarding new talent or looking to grow the skills of an existing team, The Fiery Feather offers both off-the-shelf workshops and custom training programs to promote collaboration and burst through creative dams.


You have a crystal clear vision and the hustle to make it happen. And yet, the next task or timeline seems ever elusive. The Fiery Feather formulates specific steps, unique to your business, that seamlessly meld ambition and execution.


With an eagle eye for details, The Fiery Feather does what’s necessary to pull off any successful project, product launch or event. By enacting simple and approachable organization techniques, The Fiery Feather ensures that your path to launch is not only smooth, but also sustainable for repeatable success.

About Theresa M. Ward

Theresa M. Ward is a process champion, productivity expert, and the driving force behind The Fiery Feather. She appreciates the harmony between productivity and creativity – and loves finding that balance between spontaneity and methodology for superior results. Theresa’s professional dexterity has allowed her to serve clients in everything from technology startups to Fortune 100 businesses to performing arts institutions. Clients seek out her expertise in project management, strategic facilitative leadership, and overall culture development to give their visions wings and spark the fire of unstoppable momentum.


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Southern Company



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Buckhead Church



Manhattan Associates

Manhattan Associates

Aliera Healthcare

Aliera Healthcare


  • Theresa has been a fantastic partner and an asset to our organization. She has the ability to assess the needs of our employees and business in a way that is comprehensive. She has designed, developed and executed training sessions for our business that not only were well received, but also drove sales results. She has the ability to communicate effectively with our sales organization and relate training to real-life scenarios. Her training approach is well thought out, strategic in nature, and delivered flawlessly.

    Douglas Mearkle Senior Vice President, TD Bank
  • Working with Theresa is a joy due to her highly collaborative style and expertise across many subject areas. She has an extensive array of frameworks, knowledge sources, and human connections. She can tap into a wealth of additional resources that further extend her value to a company, team, or audience. Theresa's style rests on a solid foundation of market insights, teamwork, creative problem solving and solid execution. This foundation, coupled with her growth mindset, exuberant energy, openness to ideas and willingness to learn make her an immense asset to anyone who chooses to work with her.

    Katie Huie Director of Continuous Improvement, Elavon
  • Theresa has been a critical member of the Primary Theory team and has added tremendous value to how we deliver and engage with our customers and each other. She excels in collaborating to get things done efficiently while managing projects and clients thoughtfully. Theresa has also supported our cultural aspirations and commitments with work that reinforces what makes this agency special. We appreciate her work and recommend her to any organization looking to improve delivery, processes or strategic client management.

    Brent Beatty VP of Business Development, Primary Theory
  • Theresa Ward is very easy to describe and even easier to recommend. She has dedicated her life to helping others be successful. Her enthusiasm is contagious. She has a flair about her. She has 'it'. Honest, reliable and trustworthy, her word is her bond. She cares deeply about her workmates and her clients. She will always ask the very important questions and the tough questions. What you see is exactly what you get and what you witness is absolutely real. I will always be proud of Theresa and thankful for her contribution to my life.

    Steve Barger Founder, The Barger Group
  • I love working with The Fiery Feather! Theresa is a great thinker, an outstanding communicator, and an inventive problem solver. She’s got a keen understanding of process, knowing when and how things can go off the rails. And even more important, she’s a student of human psychology and organizational design, so she works with emotional intelligence (and grace under fire) to solve all kinds of business problems.

    Zach Pousman Founder, Helpfully
  • I had the pleasure of working with Theresa in several different contexts (business, non profit, education), and every time she impresses me with her ability to engage and facilitate individuals and teams, whether it’s around innovation, design thinking, sales, or organizational culture. She’s awesome at working with people and building their own capabilities.

    Scott Sanchez Chief Innovation Officer, Nationwide Insurance
  • Theresa is a powerfully open person who consistently encourages people through complex business and social situations. As a strategic partner, her ability to take on all of my tangents and make directional sense of them is an art form few people have. As a facilitator, her levity and energy pull people and ideas into the conversation. All of these skills combined make her an incredible friend and collaborator, a thoughtful team player, and a leader very worth of following.

    Shelton Davis Founder, Empathy Lab
  • Theresa is a skilled facilitator with a supportive style and engaging presence. Her ability to quickly adapt to audience needs will serve her well in future roles.

    Cheryl Gill Head of Talent Development, Southern Company

“i’m all about the balance between adventure and accountability. I recommend trying anything once, learning fast, and making smart adjustments that keep us moving toward the goal.”


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