Using Structured Processes to Ensure Creative Freedom

How The Fiery Feather’s Procedures Empowered Primary Theory to Flourish

Atlanta-based creative agency Primary Theory found themselves consumed with a rapid swell of new business sooner after opening than they could have imagined. True creatives at heart, the founders of Primary Theory reached out to Theresa to supplement their right-brain strengths with the left-brained systems necessary to support the rapidly growing business.

Theresa’s recommendations allowed the Primary Theory team to effectively serve new and existing clients without slowing down to troubleshoot internal issues.

Theresa began transforming their processes by spending extensive one-on-one time with the agency’s leaders. She began by listening to their frustrations, noting key conflicts, and understanding points of friction. Theresa tested several approaches with the team in order to find the standards and templates that could grow with them long-term. After assessing patterns and gathering her findings, Theresa helped to implement new approaches to interpersonal team dynamics, and best practices for consistent project methodology.

As a result of Theresa’s guidance, the leaders at Primary Theory returned to devoting precious mental energy to the creative work that is the lifeblood of the business.

Free from the tangle of operational and resource issues, Primary Theory streamlined how employees spent their time, which led to increased customer satisfaction and retention. The system designed by Theresa has since flourished into a well-oiled reality that’s customized for their culture and applicable to their daily operations.

“Theresa has been a critical member of the Primary Theory team and has added tremendous value to how we deliver and engage with our customers and each other. Theresa has also supported our cultural aspirations and commitments with work that reinforces what makes this agency special,” says Brent Beatty, Primary Theory’s VP of business development.

By fixing broken organizational systems and creating new cultural architecture, Theresa helped Primary Theory bring its focus back to its all-important founding mission of providing high-quality creative services to businesses throughout Atlanta.


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